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Custom Content for Your One-of-a-Kind Clients

Levitate customers enjoy unlimited access to a pre-written email and social media library full of industry-specific content that’s editable and ready to send. From templates about current events and industry news to content for holidays, birthdays, and simple check-ins, Lev customers almost always find what they’re looking for inside our searchable library of hundreds of templates.

Our customers and their clients, though, are one-of-a-kind, and sometimes they need something a tad different than

Levitate’s New Feature Takes the Guesswork Out of Choosing Content

What if, with the simple toggle of a switch, you could receive a handful of timely, curated email campaigns ready for you to customize, schedule, and send to your network? Good news, friends of Levitate! Our newest feature—Campaign Suggestions—does exactly that.

If you’re ready to stop racking your brain for content ideas and ready to start sending valuable campaigns with average open rates of 60%, keep on reading—there’s exciting news up ahead.

Our clients have a lot of great content to choos

Welcome to the Family, Texting. You’re Gonna Love It Here.

When clients ask, we listen. Following on the heels of our HTML newsletters and meeting scheduling tool launches, we’re thrilled to announce our newest and most highly-anticipated feature — Keep-In-Touch Texting!

Now, Levitate users have one more tool in their already-robust marketing toolbox to fuel meaningful relationships and stay connected with prospects and clients. When you think about it, Levitate + Texting is a perfect fit. Here’s why:
• Text messages average an open rate of 98% — th

11 Email Best Practices for Growing Your Business in 2020

Keeping in touch is a lost art, but one that’s essential for growing your business and nurturing client relationships.

While there will never be a replacement for a timely and personal hand-written note, email has made staying top-of-mind with your clients simple and effective — if done the right way.

Almost 300 billion emails are sent and received every day, and somewhere, nestled within that huge number, are the emails you’re sending to your clients, prospects, and referral sources.

What Homeschooling Is Really Like: From A Mom Who's Doing It

Hi! Welcome — please come in. Sorry, I don’t have on any makeup, and yes, I’m in my workout clothes. I usually snag a quick run in the neighborhood if the opportunity presents itself during the day.

Push the piano bench out of the way and never mind the bald eagle live cam on the TV. Excuse my 14-year-old son sprawled out on the living room floor doing his history, and if you would, give my 10-year daughter doing long division at the kitchen table a word of encouragement. Long division is the w